Aledin-2 LED Retrofit Light Engine for Juliat 600 Series Zoom Spots

Aledin-2 LED Retrofit Light Engine for Juliat 600 Series Zoom Spots – The successor with double power.

The Aledin 2 is the successor for the undefeated proprietary Aledin 1 which was developed in 2009/10 by BBS Lighting for the Juliat 600 series zoom spots. You can upgrade your tungsten Juliat spot to LED in two minutes.

Aledin 2 features:

  • From tungsten to LED in a minute
  • Crisp Gobo projection
  • Straight cuts with beam shapers due to even field
  • Super fast strobe speed and duration
  • Silent operation
  • Power saving long LED life
  • High reliability using BB&S proven technology
  • PowerCon in
  • DMX in/out for daisy-chaining
  • Extremely high light output
  • Very low power consumption
  • Excellent shadow rendering
  • Very compact versatile unit
  • Flicker-free dimming, can even be used for high speed video lighting
  • Totally smooth theatrical type dimming all the way to zero
  • Extremely long LED life – 50,000 hours with 70% lumen maintenance
  • Very little maintenance required over time
  • No more heavy dimmer racks
  • No more heavy cables
  • Internal dimmer controlled by DMX 512
  • Long filter life
  • Reduced CO2 emission = smaller carbon footprint for your business


 Switch mode power supply, AC Power: 100 – 240 V nominal, 50/60 Hz. Max power consumption: 115 watts. Standby power: = 5.5 watts. Amps @ 230 volts = 0.5 Amps. Amps @ 115 volts = 1 Amps.

 Ambient operating temperature: 0-40°C / 0-104°F. Ultra silent pulse fan assisting the large heatsink when needed.

LAMP: High quality Cold Led array 5600 Kelvin. CRI min. 72, with 70% Lumen maintenance over 50.000 hours. High quality Cold Led array 3200 Kelvin. CRI minimum 80, with 70% Lumen maintenance over 50.000 hours

DMX in/out for daisy-chaining 8/16bit dimming 0-100%
 Up to 4 control channels in 16 bit mode, selectable via digital display.


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