HDA 280

The HDA 280 is a pair of closed, dynamic headphones designed for use with audiometers.


  • Position-independent audiometer headphones
  • Excellent reproducibility of measurements
  • Soft, exchangeable ear pads
  • Space-saving design with collapsible, rotating ear-pieces
  • Comfortable to wear due to exchangeable headband padding
  • Single-sided, exchangeable cable
  • Core assignment: green: +L, copper: -L, red: +R, copper: -R
  • Type approved by the German Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) as per IEC 60645-1
  • Measurements of ETSPL-values for the HDA 280 headphones are published in International Journal of Audiology; Poulsen, T., Oakley, S.: Equivalent threshold sound pressure levels (ETSPL) for Sennheiser HDA 280 supra-aural audiometric earphones in the frequency range 125 Hz to 8000 Hz. International Journal of Audiology, vol 48, page 271-276, 2009

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