Personal Q

For professionals who demand the highest level of audio quality and flexibility in personal monitoring, the Personal Q (PQ) system allows both the artist and engineer to work in tandem to achieve optimal monitor mixes. Designed for use with D-Show or Profile Systems, the PQ system is comprised of at least one and up to eight PQ Controllers, which artists use to remotely control their own individual stereo monitor mixes (by way of PQ mixers set up in VENUE software), and a PQ Rack to which the controllers all connect.

Key Features

  • Full bi-directional remote control enables both the artist and engineer to evaluate and blend a common mix
  • Offers full snapshot recall of all settings and signal sources via VENUE software
  • Utilizes the studio-quality analog or digital outputs from the Stage Rack to deliver superior sound quality
  • Call button allows artists to alert the engineer if they need assistance
  • Streamlines sound checks; all artist-created personal monitor mixes are stored in VENUE show files for easy recall
  • Can be used alongside Aviom Pro16™ Series devices (with the ANO A-Net® Output Card option installed) for expanded personal monitoring options

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