SKM 2020-D

SKM 2020-D, speaking into a hand-held microphone is the easiest way to address your audience. Should a tour participant pose a question, just hand over the microphone and everything will get clearly through to everybody. Interviewing an expert in front of your audience will make your tour even more interesting.

The SKM 2020-D efficiently attenuates unwanted background noise. The transmitter is easy and comfortable to operate and highly robust. Check the back-lit display for channel and battery status. The rechargeable battery lasts for a tour of 8 hours straight. After the tour, simply quick-charge the battery pack in the charging case EZL 2020-20L which has an extra slot to charge and store a spare pack.


  • 6 channls in the licence-free frequency range Europe: 863-865 MHz
  • Digital RF-Transmission
  • Roughed stage-proven housing
  • Ideal in noisy environments
  • Backlit display shows:
    • channel selection
    • battery status

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