Solution 1

Sophisticated microphone technology

The elegant, internationally renowned ME 36 condenser microphones with a super-cardioid pick-up pattern guarantee excellent speech quality that is free of distortion, even in loud environments. The slim, purist microphone design also allows for discrete placement.

Perfect wireless addition

With transmitter-receiver sets from the ew G3 series, this solution is both flexible and portable. In addition to the hand-held microphones, which can be for contributions from the audience for example, you can also use the high-quality ME 2 headset microphone, which gives the speaker more freedom to move around. Proven Sennheiser technology guarantees that these wireless components will have a reliable signal transmission and crystal-clear sound, even in difficult reception situations.

Seamless integration for a wide audience

This Sennheiser solution can be easily integrated into your existing PA system.

The solution’s features at a glance

  • Unsurpassed speech intelligibility
  • Versatile
  • Flexible combination of wired and wireless technology
  • Reliable signal transmission
  • Successful, high-quality design
  • Easy to use

System components

  • ME 36, black, Item number: 005065
  • MZH 3042 gooseneck, Item number: 009384 / MZTX 31 table stand, Item number: 500455
  • Wireless microphone systems ew 100/300/500 G3, Item number: various
  • ME 2 clip-on microphone, Item number: 005213

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