Solution 1

A flexible control center

The digital ADN system can control up to 40 discussion units. The menu interface allows you to configure the system and change individual settings in one of 13 different languages using the easy-to-understand display. Whether for conferences, discussions or meetings, with the ADN system, you will be in complete control. The recording function allows you to record entire conferences. The optional ADN Power Supply is available for increased system stability and for system expansion. It supports an additional 40 to 70 discussion units and allows redundant ring cabling.

The solution’s features at a glance

  • Ideal for small and medium meetings and conferences
  • Simplifies event process structuring
  • Flexible, professional technology
  • Natural sound and top speech intelligibility
  • Intuitive operation

System components
Conference control, power supply for up to 40 discussion units

  • ADN CU1-EU central unit, EU version, Item number: 505553
  • ADN CU1-UK central unit, UK version, Item number: 505554
  • ADN CU1-US central unit, US version, Item number: 505555
  • ADN C1 chairperson discussion unit ADN C1, Item number: 502759
  • ADN D1 delegate discussion unit ADN D1, Item number: 502758
  • ADN “Conference Manager” software

System cables

  • SDC CBL RJ45-2, 2 m, Item number: 009842
  • SDC CBL RJ45-3, 3 m, Item number: 009843
  • SDC CBL RJ45-5, 5 m, Item number: 009844
  • SDC CBL RJ45-10, 10 m, Item number: 009845
  • SDC CBL RJ45-20, 20 m, Item number: 009846
  • SDC CBL RJ45-50, 50 m, Item number: 009847

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