Solution 2

A flexible control center

Compact to store, easy to transport, and simple to set up: the digital heart of this audio solution will impress you even before you switch it on. The ADN system, which you can use to control up to 40 discussion units, is also easy to configure. You can do this using the supplied software or directly on the clearly arranged display. The menu interface offers a selection of 13 languages, so international operating personnel should have no problem using it. Whether for conferences, discussions or meetings – with the ADN system, you will be in complete control. Of course the ADN system can be connected to your existing media control unit. Depending on which rooms are being used, you can switch the conference system on or off, as needed.

The solution’s features at a glance

  • Can be easily integrated into existing systems
  • Sleek, elegant design
  • Exceptional speech intelligibility
  • Quick, simple set-up and breakdown
  • Fast, uncomplicated configuration

System components

Conference control, power supply for up to 40 discussion units

  • ADN CU1-EU central unit, EU version, Item number: 505553
  • ADN CU1-UK central unit, UK version, Item number: 505554
  • ADN CU1-US central unit, US version, Item number: 505555
  • ADN C1 chairperson discussion unit ADN C1, Item number: 502759
  • ADN D1 delegate discussion unit ADN D1, Item number: 502758
  • ADN “Conference Manager” software

System cables
– SDC CBL RJ45-2, 2 m, Item number: 009842
– SDC CBL RJ45-3, 3 m, Item number: 009843
– SDC CBL RJ45-5, 5 m, Item number: 009844
– SDC CBL RJ45-10, 10 m, Item number: 009845
– SDC CBL RJ45-20, 20 m, Item number: 009846
– SDC CBL RJ45-50, 50 m, Item number: 009847


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