Solution 2

Everything’s under control

The digital Audio Distribution Network (ADN) ensures that the audio signal is distributed by this Sennheiser solution without interference or delay. Since it is the heart of the system, it can be easily connected to your existing media control unit. This allows you to conveniently control all functions such as sound, image and light from a single location. The ADN recording function also allows you to record entire conferences. The optional ADN Power Supply is available for increased system stability and for system expansion. It supports an additional 40 to 70 discussion units and allows for redundant (and therefore fail-safe) ring cabling.

With infrared technology, without language barriers

The infrared transmission system of this Sennheiser audio solution allows you to feed in the voices of interpreters. The signal is transferred directly to the stethoset headphones. The advantage over wireless transmission is that this method allows you to operate any number of additional systems in nearby rooms in simultaneously. Of course this technology can also be used by the hearing impaired. They have the option of receiving the signal directly, with their hearing aid, or via a bodypack receiver and hearing loop.

Always in the Know

Thanks to the Sennheiser Conference Manager, this conference solution will always give you a clear overview of the participants and their names. If needed, you can also directly control your microphones with this software.

Seamless integration for a wide audience

This Sennheiser solution can be easily integrated into your existing PA system.

The solution’s features at a glance

  • No volume limit
  • Uncompromising speech quality
  • Reliable professional technology
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Assistive listening for the hearing impaired

System components
Conference control, power supply for up to 40 discussion units

  • ADN CU1-EU central unit, EU version, Item number: 505553
  • ADN CU1-UK central unit, UK version, Item number: 505554
  • ADN CU1-US central unit, US version, Item number: 505555
  • ADN PS-EU power supply, Item number: 505546
  • ADN PS-UK power supply, Item number: 505547
  • ADN PS-US power supply, Item number: 505548
  • ADN C1 chairperson discussion unit ADN C1, Item number: 502759
  • ADN D1 delegate discussion unit ADN D1, Item number: 502758
  • ADN “Conference Manager” software

System cables

  • SDC CBL RJ45-2, 2 m, Item number: 009842
  • SDC CBL RJ45-3, 3 m, Item number: 009843
  • SDC CBL RJ45-5, 5 m, Item number: 009844
  • SDC CBL RJ45-10, 10 m, Item number: 009845
  • SDC CBL RJ45-20, 20 m, Item number: 009846
  • SDC CBL RJ45-50, 50 m, Item number: 009847

Infrared technology
– Infrared radiator – SZI 1029, Item number: various
– Wideband control transmitter – SI 1015-5, Item number: 004252
– HDI 830 2-channel infrared headphone, Item number: 503918
– RI 830 Set, Item number: 503917
– L 300 10-10 docking station, Item number: 502710
– EZT 3011 induction loop, Item number: 502566
– EZT 3012 induction loop, Item number: 504061
– EZI 120 induction coupler, Item number: 003448


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