Solution 2

The core of the solution

The central interface of this conference solution is the digital ADN system. It controls up to 400 discussion units. The menu interface with a clearly arranged display enables simple configuration and setting in 13 different languages. Whether for conferences, discussions or meetings – with the ADN system, you will be in complete control. The optional ADN Power Supply is available for increased system stability and for system expansion. It supports an additional 40 to 70 discussion units and allows redundant ring cabling.

A voice for everyone

Additional microphones can be used to supplement the system quickly and simply as required. Proven Sennheiser wireless technology always has a reliable frequency and guarantees a stable transmission path for moderators and discussion participants, even in situations with suboptimal reception. Sophisticated Sennheiser microphone technology delivers crystal-clear sound and outstanding speech intelligibility.

No language barriers

Additionally, the Tourguide 2020-D system allows you to have speech translated simultaneously into different languages.

Everything’s under control

Naturally, ADN can be connected to your existing media control unit. This offers you a complete conference solution that can be operated centrally and conveniently.

The solution’s features at a glance

  • Ideal for large conferences and conventions
  • Flexible, professional technology
  • Natural sound and top speech intelligibility
  • Supports the use of interpreters
  • Simple setup
  • Quick installation
  • Intuitive operation

System components

Conference control, power supply for up to 40 discussion units

  • ADN CU1-EU central unit, EU version, Item number: 505553
  • ADN CU1-UK central unit, UK version, Item number: 505554
  • ADN CU1-US central unit, US version, Item number: 505555
  • ADN PS-EU power supply, EU version, Item number: 505546
  • ADN PS-UK power supply, UK version, Item number: 505547
  • ADN PS-US power supply, US version, Item number: 505548

System cables

  • SDC CBL RJ45-2, 2 m, Item number: 009842
  • SDC CBL RJ45-3, 3 m, Item number: 009843
  • SDC CBL RJ45-5, 5 m, Item number: 009844
  • SDC CBL RJ45-10, 10 m, Item number: 009845
  • SDC CBL RJ45-20, 20 m, Item number: 009846
  • SDC CBL RJ45-50, 50 m, Item number: 009847

Wireless microphone systems

  • EW 100 (incl. SKM 100 + EM 100), Item number: various

Simultaneous Interpretation Tourguide 2020-D

  • EK 2020-D-II, Item number: 504794
  • EK 2020-D-II-US, Item number: 504795
  • HDE 2020-D, Item number: 500543
  • HDE 2020-D US, Item number: 500544
  • EZL 2020-20, Item number: 500542
  • L2021-40, Item number: 502037

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