Solution 2

Superior wireless technology

With transmitter-receiver sets from the ew G3 series, you can move around the stage or in front of it. The hand-held microphones also allow you to get the audience or your co-presenters involved. The extremely compact and powerful MKE 1 clip-on microphone allows for hands-free operation, so you can gesture and hold objects to liven up your presentation. You do not have to worry about the technology as the sophisticated Sennheiser technology guarantees a reliable signal transmission and clear sound, even under difficult reception conditions.

Upgradable transmission paths

Thanks to the wide range of Sennheiser accessories, such as active antenna splitters with integrated amplifiers, this solution can be easily adapted to the most diverse stage requirements and architectural conditions.

Seamless integration for a wide audience

This Sennheiser solution can be easily integrated into your existing PA system.

The solution’s features at a glance

  • Powerful sound
  • Outstanding speech intelligibility
  • Reliable wireless technology
  • Reliable signal transmission, even in large halls
  • Wide range of accessories

System components

  • ew 100/300/500 G3 wireless hand-held microphone, Item number: various
  • Wireless headset, Item number: various
  • MKE 1 clip-on microphone, Item number: various

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