Solution 3

Everything at the right time

This Sennheiser solution gives visitors the freedom to determine their own route and resting times. Special, discretely installed identifiers detect the presence of a visitor receiver and initiate the transmission of the appropriate audio information. The range of the identifiers can be set to between 0.3 and 3 meters, as needed.

Clear signals

The choice is yours. You can transmit live speech, directly via a headset microphone with the SK 2000 bodypack transmitter, or you can feed in pre-recorded speeches from an external source, such as an MP3 file. You can also combine the two operations. A clear, stable transmission is provided by SR 3202 cell transmitters with active AM 3000 antennas, which are installed in the area where the tour is being conducted. The visitors use the guidePORT receiver to receive the signal.

Always up to date

If you want to change information on individual exhibits, you can update these in the system at any time. You can also use the wireless headset microphone to record live speech in an existing guided tour.

Recharging batteries and loading data

The GP L 32020-10 docking stations can be used for more than just the quick recharging and safekeeping of batteries. They can also be combined with point-of-sale systems, when needed. You can also use them to read out statistical data about individual visitor behavior – such as routes and resting times – and transfer this data to a computer.

The solution’s features at a glance

  • Unsurpassed flexibility and reliability
  • Excellent speech intelligibility
  • Super-simple operation
  • Virtually invisible installation
  • Can be used with or without a tour guide
  • Can be used with hearing aids – for optimal accessibility
  • Combined battery charging and data reading station

System components

  • 4-button receiver (GP EK 3202-4-1), Item number: 502370
  • Receiver with detail button (EK 3202-5-1), Item number: 502371
  • 16-button receiver (GP EK 3202-0-1), Item number: 502368
  • Identifier for closed rooms (GP ID 3200-IN), Item number: 500896
  • Identifier for mounting outdoors or in a damp environment (GP ID 3200-OUT), Item number: 500897
  • SK 3202 mobile transmitter, Item number: 502372
  • GP SR 3200-2 twin cell transmitter, Item number: 500193
  • Charger for rechargeable batteries from 10 receivers of type GP EK 3000, 3200, 3202, Item number: 502522
  • Dynamic stereo headphone (GP 30) with headband, Item number: 5255
  • Dynamic stereo headphone with two ear clips (GP 03), Item number: 5225

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