Solution 3

Proven top technology for the podium

The elegant, internationally renowned ME 36 condenser microphones with a super-cardioid pick-up pattern guarantee excellent, interference-free speech transmission, even in loud environments. The slim, purist microphone design also allows for discrete placement. There is a good reason why this system with its powerful sound is used in parliaments and ministries, as well as in the headquarters of international organizations and associations.

Wireless on demand

This solution includes SKP 300 G3 plug-on transmitters, which quickly and easily transform any wired microphone into a wireless unit that can be moved around freely. Thanks to their variability, they can be combined with all microphone types. The sturdy metal housing enables this plug-on transmitter type to handle all normal professional requirements.

Stable signal transmission

The EM 2050 has a switching bandwidth of up to 75 MHz and is designed as a twin receiver. It stands for high reliability and stable transmission paths, even under difficult conditions. It is easy to use, it is comfortably and completely equipped, and it includes a high-quality directional antenna. The EM 2050 is the ideal partner for the professional microphone and transmitter technology of this system.

Seamless integration for a wide audience

This Sennheiser solution can be easily integrated into your existing PA system.

The solution’s features at a glance

  • Powerful sound
  • Unsurpassed speech intelligibility, even in loud environments
  • Flexible combination of wired and wireless technology
  • Versatile
  • Reliable signal transmission
  • Successful, high-quality design
  • Easy to use
  • Professional accessories

System components

  • ME 36, black, Item number: 005065
  • MZH 3015 gooseneck, Item number: 005074
  • MZTX 31 PTT table stand, Item number: 500457
  • SKP 300 plug-on transmitter, Item number: various
  • EM 2050 twin receiver + antenna, Item number: various

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