Solution 3

Everything’s under control

The digital heart of this solution, the digital Audio Distribution Network (ADN), provides for a reliable and high-quality audio signal distribution. Its ADN CU1 discussion central unit centrally controls up to 400 discussion units and supplies power to up to 40 discussion units. You have fast, easy access to all important parameters via the supplied software or by directly using the menu interface in the display, which is available in 13 languages. This intelligent system allows for simple, reliable operation of any AV media control system. The recording function also allows you to record entire conferences. The optional ADN Power Supply is available for increased system stability and for system expansion. It supports an additional 40 to 70 discussion units and allows for redundant (and therefore fail-safe) ring cabling.

Always in the Know

Thanks to the Sennheiser Conference Manager, this conference solution will always give you a clear overview of the participants and their names, and the microphones, which can be directly controlled via the software, as needed.

Superior wireless technology

With transmitter-receiver sets from the ew G3 series, you will always be able to get additional convention and conference participants involved in the discussion. Sophisticated and professional Sennheiser technology always ensures a reliable signal transmission and outstanding sound, even under difficult reception conditions, which can be caused by the ever-increasing use of WLAN, Bluetooth and LTE.

Simple access for external participants

Connection of a teleconference system will allow you to include external participants in the conference discussions whenever needed.

Simultaneous and multilingual

With the digital Tourguide 2020-D system and the wireless transmitters and receivers of the ew G3 series, this solution lets you transmit the original speech from the conference to multiple interpreters, so that they can interpret simultaneously for the respective participants.
The HME 46 interpreter headsets can be comfortably worn for use in speaker booths. Their noise-compensating microphones guarantee optimal speech intelligibility, even in loud environments.

Seamless integration for a wide audience

This Sennheiser solution can be easily integrated into your existing PA system.

The solution’s features at a glance

  • Exceptional speech intelligibility
  • Reliable professional technology
  • Super-simple operation
  • Can be flexibly configured

System components
Conference control, power supply for up to 40 discussion units

  • ADN CU1-EU central unit, EU version, Item number: 505553
  • ADN CU1-UK central unit, UK version, Item number: 505554
  • ADN CU1-US central unit, US version, Item number: 505555
  • ADN PS-EU power supply, Item number: 505546
  • ADN PS-UK power supply, Item number: 505547
  • ADN PS-US power supply, Item number: 505548
  • ADN C1 chairperson discussion unit ADN C1, Item number: 502759
  • ADN D1 delegate discussion unit ADN D1, Item number: 502758
  • ADN “Conference Manager” software

System cables

  • SDC CBL RJ45-2, 2 m, Item number: 009842
  • SDC CBL RJ45-3, 3 m, Item number: 009843
  • SDC CBL RJ45-5, 5 m, Item number: 009844
  • SDC CBL RJ45-10, 10 m, Item number: 009845
  • SDC CBL RJ45-20, 20 m, Item number: 009846
  • SDC CBL RJ45-50, 50 m, Item number: 009847
  • Wireless microphone systems, EW 100 (incl. SKM 100 + EM 100), Item number: verschiedene
  • EW IEM stereo set, Item number: various

Simultaneous Interpretation Tourguide 2020-D

  • EK 2020-D-II, Item number: 504794
  • EK 2020-D-II-US, Item number: 504795
  • HDE 2020-D, Item number: 500543
  • HDE 2020-D US, Item number: 500544
  • EZL 2020-20, Item number: 500542
  • L2021-40, Item number: 502037

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