Weather resistant modular platform, certified for a load capacity of 1500 kg, consisting of a sturdy aluminium frame (Alloy: EN-AW 6082 T6) with a non-slip, water resistant 100% birch plywood panel (21 mm), includes a non-slip aluminium top layer, four telescopic legs (adjustable millimetre by millimetre) and 3 connectors.

* The frame & legs can be painted in different colours if required.

TM440-AE Platforms offer the best solution for any kind of event, from small performance ensembles to large stages with the possibility of multiple configurations for permanent (indoors) and temporary installations (podiums, concerts, theatres, exhibitions, music halls, conservatoires, television studios, catwalks, tiered audience seating, band risers etc.).

Thanks to their weather resistant birch panel and their aluminium legs and framework, TM440-AE Platforms are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. These features make GUIL platforms the best option for those applications which require a high loading capacity and a quick and easy set-up and dismantling.


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