TM441 Platform is a heavy-duty, compact, weather resistant modular 2 x 1 m scissor platform which is made from extruded aluminium (frame), reinforced steel (folding legs/base structure) and a 100 % birch plywood, 21mm thick, non-slip panel. The TM441 deck comes with an independent height regulation system which offers 5 different height positions: 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 cm.

Each metre side of the platform has a handle on the underside of the frame; the height is adjusted by squeezing the handle which unblocks the scissor legs and this way each side of the platform can be adjusted independently. This main feature allows platforms to be set in a tilted position, to make ramps or tilted surfaces for multiple applications without having to use additional tools. Its height-adjustable design allows platforms to be raised and lowered to any position quickly and easily, which makes it perfect for events which are frequently assembled and unassembled.

TM441 Platform is a fully compact complete platform; there is no risk of losing any of its components, which makes it the ideal platform for temporary events. TM441 Platform has a wide range of applications; it can be used independently or joined together to create ramps, stages, podiums, catwalks, etc., making it a practical element due to its great versatility, resistance and quick assembly.

TM441 Platforms combine stability with great strength and a quick and easy assembly. They offer a perfect solution for any kind of event, from small performance ensembles to medium size stages, offering the versatility to assemble them in multiple configurations, either for semi-permanent or temporary events (podiums, concerts, theatres, exhibitions, music halls, conservatoires, television and film studios, forums, etc.). Thanks to their weather resistant 100% birch wood panel, their aluminium frame and their Epoxy painted leg structure, TM441 Platforms are a perfect solution for outdoor applications.


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