Compact lift structure composed of four aluminium stacking trusses Ref. TA500-1500 (500 x 500 x 1500 mm (1′ 7.68″ x 1′ 7.68″ x 4′ 11.05″). Mast section is fitted with two joining braces that have aluminium couplers ABZ-24 that give maximum stability to the mast structure.

These stacking trusses, manufactured with extruded aluminium (Alloy: EN-AW according to 6082 T6) and TIG welded (continuous cord for a maximum resistance), are specially designed to be piled up, reducing storage space and making it easier to handle. The different truss sections are joined together with conical female couplers with spigots and safety R-springs which guarantee maximum safety and resistance and at the same time make it quick and easy to assemble.

GUIL TMD-545 is quick and easy to assemble and has the advantage of being flexible to suit your special requirements with the combination of different section lengths available on request.


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