Laser Imagineering

LASER IMAGINEERING is a young, mobile and emerging enterprise that consists of a team of specialists for high-performance LED concepts and efficient lighting systems. In recent years, our company has continually grown, adding worldwide projects and customers - and the bigger we get, the more space we need: Since 2011, we design, optimize, construct and produce individual high-power spotlights in our new office in Mölln, Germany. Through many stages, a vision becomes an idea. From the ideas comes the designed and ready-packed end product. For flexibility and the demand for high standards, LASER IMAGINEERING stands apart from the mass-production of the Far East. We see light not only as an essential element of life: For us, light is a creative tool. We offer an all-encompassing service for all electronic solutions and imaginative ideas concerning LEDs and their technologies. Our innovative products are manufactured in our own workshops and in individual production units. Everything from a single source – and always “made and engineered in Germany”. In addition, almost 100 per cent of the production’s electricity is supplied by our own solar energy system. Environmentally friendly and sustainable.
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