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Specialists with experience in the industry

Loud Music Entertainment is a Romanian company founded in 2013 with a remarkable experience in the Romanian Events Services industry.

Regardless of the scale of the event, we provide our customers with a full range of sound equipment, professional lighting systems, stages, LED screens, pre-production, site management, location production, qualified personnel etc.

Our suppliers are carefully selected by our team of specialists that has a significant experience in the industry.

We offer has highest quality standards

The technical Staging equipment that we offer has highest quality standards (advanced technology, carefully chosen from internationally well-known brands), whether they are needed for small or large events.

Along with the above-mentioned lighting systems and sound equipment, we offer stages structures of varying sizes. “The most significant asset” is our Megaforce TVG I stage, which is one of the top in its category, used so far in Romania for large Events such as: Kings of Leon (2017), Depeche Mode (2017), Electric Castle 2015 – 2019), RocktThe City Festival Bucharest (2018), Festival El Carrusel (2018), etc. The stage is made out of a special metal with resistance 5 times higher than the conventional aluminium stages. 

Loud Music Entertainment is a member of Megaforce Network (one of the world's biggest stage producers) and L&L Stage Service

Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations, we are visionaries, inspired and led by the creativity of our clients. Loud Music Entertainment serves a wide range of markets, including concert touring, corporate events, trade shows, social events, special events, theatre, television and film.

Our company is qualified to provide professional services for each of our customer needs, efficiently and cost effectively. Our crew with years of experience can guarantee you the professionalism in events industry. For each type of event, we can provide you a single discipline, such as lighting, staging, audio, video, logistics, pre-production or we can bundle all disciplines in a big production for your event.

As a general event services supplier, Loud Music Entertainment offers to our customers integrated production technique, 3D Production and equipment as: sound, lighting, rigging, staging, video, integrated systems for conferences and special applications, automation systems.

Loud Music Entertainment has a long track record of providing services that include stages, structures, sound, lighting, LED screens and video direction to the Events industry.

Attracting and hiring the right people in order to deliver high quality services to our customers is an essential aspect of our business.

Loud Music Entertainment has access to skilled and experienced sound engineers, light engineers, riggers, technicians, helpers etc., and created a data-base with more than 100 experts (freelancers/ collaborators) which are ready to be involved in projects, to supply the need of trained & experienced personnel.

All the above mentioned, together with a proper induction and training program for “new entries” allow us to manage into a professional manner all the activities performed. 

In 2018, our total number of employees doubled comparing to 2017, as a result of high volume of projects.


We are actively involved in the Events Services industry and we are committed to delivering services that will fully satisfy your current and future needs.


Loud Music Entertainment has the capability to provide trained and qualified personnel.


We believe that we can offer the best package of services to meet your operational needs.


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