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Staging, stage decks, trussing, scaffolding and personalized trussing structures

Unique exclusive structures for  Eastern Europe

As we are member of Megaforce Worldwide Network and exclusive partner for Easter Europe, we have in our permanent stock diffrent steel stage structures like Megaforce TVG I and TVG IV, exclusive systems for middle and major festival. With incredible load capacity and high safety factor, steel structures are more advanced and safer than conventional aluminum structures.


Special customised structures & static calculations

First thing is SAFETY! That’s why all our major productions are calculated and confirmed by our engineers and partners from Megaforce GMBH.

With a complex rig of Vectorworks servers, we can build your dreams first on computers then on site.


Staging, stage decks, trussing,3D rendering reproduction & previsualisation

Special customised structures became one of the most important part to our staging department. As the new generation festivals takes place under new ideeas and concepts, is a need of changing the conventional structures to a more creative area. This is where our engineers and designers start working together so the show can look as wanted and at the same time safety is included =.

Pre-production is the stage of a show production that takes place before build begins. When it is undertaken effectively, it can help to lay the foundation for a successful production.


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