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Comprehensive Event Infrastructure Solutions: Stages, Trussing, Scaffolding, and More

Welcome to our Staging page, where we bring your events to life with our unique and exclusive structures. We understand that the stage is the centerpiece of any event, and we are committed to delivering an unforgettable experience for you and your audience.

At LoudMusic, we are proud to be a member of the Megaforce Worldwide Network and the exclusive partner for Eastern Europe. We offer a permanent stock of different steel stage structures, including the Megaforce TVG I and TVG IV, which are exclusive systems for middle and major festivals. These structures have an incredible load capacity and high safety factor, making them more advanced and safer than conventional aluminum structures.

We also specialize in creating special customized structures that meet your specific needs. Whether you need a stage for a concert, a fashion show, or a corporate event, we can design and build it for you. Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your vision and create a structure that reflects your brand and style.

Safety is our top priority, and all our major productions are calculated and confirmed by our engineers and partners from Megaforce GMBH. We believe that every event is unique, and we take the time to perform static calculations to ensure that the stage is safe and secure. Our structures are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and can be customized to fit any venue.

We use a complex rig of Vectorworks servers to build your dreams first on computers and then on site. This allows us to create accurate 3D models of your stage, giving you a clear understanding of what the final product will look like. Our team of experienced technicians works diligently to ensure that every detail is taken care of, from the stage setup to the lighting and sound.

In conclusion, at LoudMusic, we are committed to delivering a world-class staging experience for your event. With our unique and exclusive structures, customized designs, and a focus on safety, we bring your events to life like never before. Contact us today to learn more about our staging services and how we can help make your event unforgettable.

Bring Your Vision to Life: Staging, Stage Decks, Trussing, and 3D Rendering for Precise Preproduction and Previsualization

Our staging department understands that the ever-evolving nature of the festival industry requires more than just conventional stage structures. To cater to the new generation festivals that are driven by innovative ideas and concepts, we offer special customized structures that allow for creative freedom and safety to coexist harmoniously. To achieve this, our team of experienced engineers and designers collaborate closely to understand your vision and create unique structures that can turn your concept into a reality. Our priority is always safety, which is why we ensure that every custom structure is thoroughly analyzed and confirmed by our team and partners from Megaforce GMBH. We believe that every event is unique and deserves a bespoke approach, which is why we offer personalized trussing structures that can be tailored to your requirements. Our team of experts is equipped with a complex rig of Vectorworks servers that enable us to build your dream structures on a virtual platform before they are brought to life on-site. We are proud to be a member of the Megaforce Worldwide Network and exclusive partner for Easter Europe, which allows us to provide unique and exclusive structures that are not commonly found in the region. Our permanent stock of steel stage structures like Megaforce TVG I and TVG IV are ideal for middle and major festivals, thanks to their incredible load capacity and high safety factor. At the end of the day, our goal is to deliver a stunning stage production that exceeds your expectations, while ensuring the safety of everyone involved.

Pre-production is a critical stage in the show production process that occurs prior to the commencement of any physical construction or rehearsals. It is a crucial phase that lays the groundwork for a successful show, as it involves meticulous planning and organization.

During pre-production, the creative team works closely with the client to develop a clear vision for the show, taking into consideration all aspects such as staging, lighting, sound, video, and special effects. In this phase, all the technical requirements of the show are assessed, and a detailed plan is created to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the actual production.

Apart from the creative vision, pre-production also involves budgeting, scheduling, and logistical planning. All the necessary resources are identified, and a plan is put in place to acquire and allocate them efficiently. It is also during this phase that the creative and technical teams collaborate to develop a detailed script, storyboards, and technical drawings to visualize the final product.

Overall, pre-production is a crucial stage in the production process that sets the foundation for a successful show. Proper planning, organization, and communication during this phase can save time, money, and ensure that the final product meets or exceeds the client’s expectations.


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