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Biggest LED Film
Studio in East Europe


LED virtual Film Studio

Virtual links perfectly with reality

The biggest VR studio in Eastern Europe, using game engine technology powered by Unreal Engine, high resolution LED Screen, paired with high end tracking system


About VPX

VPX Studios saves production time and costs, whilst offering directors, crew and actors more artistic freedom and enables more creativity. It is more than just an alternative to the green screen. It replaces classic film sets and can make outdoor filming superfluous and allow you to flexibly simulate different film locations at the push of a button. Using high-resolution modular LED screens, any kind of pre-produced video content can be used directly in the studio.   The displayed content allows actors to act more authentically. Surfaces, lighting an effects are visible in real time, allowing for the achievement of the perfect production with drastically less post-production. Real-time rendering
Combination of virtual, augmented & mixed reality
Combination of real and virtual light
Set-extension for virtual bigger sets

Specialized Unreal Engine game engine for professional Film industry

What does the workflow look like to shoot something on the XR Stage? Everything that comes with a normal studio shoot remains more or less in play. The difference is mostly in prep time. Environments must be designed or selected and prepped for use on the LED volume. This can take hours, days, or even weeks depending on the complexity of the build. Once in the studio, you’ll be interacting with our Director of Virtual Production to help with any changes in the room or on the LED volume.

Studio specifications
250kw            68Kva
SQM                747.23
SQFT                8043,11
LxWxH m2       35,25×23,17×11,69
LxWxH ft.        105,80×76,01×38,35

VPX specifications
Floor                136 m2
Diameter         17m
LED                  240 m2

LED walls         150 m2
Screens           25 x 6 m
Pitch                2.5 mm
Curvature        210 degrees
10/12 bit HDR

LED roof          (up to) 60 m2
Pitch                5.8 mm


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